Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Welcome to my new home! I can honestly say this website is one of my proudest achievements. It encompasses all of the things I love – from celebrity fashion to bargain style – all in one shoppable place! You all know how much I love SHOPPING! Well, who says we can’t be in it together?! Scores are always better when shared between friends! In a way, this blog operates just as I do when it comes to scoping out the hottest looks: I want style to be as fast, user friendly, on trend, and affordable as possible! Mission accomplished!

This has been a labor of love, months in the making, to be able to bring you the most instantaneous blog shopping experience out there! Hooray for technology! A shoppable Instagram? Why not, heck let’s make it the entire blog! Click-to-shop the “Style Snap”? Done! Turn my “Under 100 Club” finds into a clickable store? Sure! It seems the sky is no longer the limit and it has been so much fun creating this new world with my web developers, Project M+ (powered by ShopStyle)! I’d like to thank Cleo, Amber and the entire team there for helping me introduce this stylish and straightforward website. Shopping dreams do come true! I hope you enjoy the scroll! Score!

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